keyboard_return Version 1.5.0

New features

  • Add option to DSV ruleset to escape single and double quotes.
  • Added option to find the first row and/or column based on the cell value.
  • Added (more obvious) option to output the log as html or text.
  • Added option to append data to a file if it already exists.


  • Improved conversion strategy combining text and value modes for each type of cell (currency, number, text, boolean, date) and ensuring actual values are maintained in the output.
  • Removed restriction to run command-line only from the command-prompt (cmd) process.
  • Numerous profile manager improvements.
  • Added option to remove special characters from a field value.
  • Text input fields are now mandatory.
  • Filename correction option removed, invalid filename characters will now be stripped automatically.
  • DSV related options are now more restrictive to ensure better DSV compliancy.
  • Changed how the escape, newline and delimiter characters are C-style escaped.
  • Accidentally pressing the Escape button on the keyboard no longer closes XLS2CSV Converter.
  • Additional checks on required components/dependencies to avoid certain types of OLEDB exceptions that still occurred.
  • Performance improvements when navigating the application.
  • Rare situation where the main window would move to the background when closing the profile manager or log window has been fixed.
  • Included latest version of the AccessDatabaseEngine.


  • Fixed an issue where error ‘The requested action with this object has failed (line 5021)’ is shown when starting the application.
  • The option to export the first sheet of every workbook has been removed as this has been replaced with inclusion/exclusion filters and caused confusion.
  • Fixed issue where using spaces as character replacement is discarded when reloading the profile.
  • Option to rename files when they already existed did not always create all files, has been resolved.
  • Cancel an ongoing conversion is now immediate and shows more accurate result statistics.

Important notes

Existing profiles are migrated automatically to be compatible with this version of the application. After migration, they are no longer compatible with older versions of XLS2CSV Converter.