keyboard_return Version 1.3.1

New features

  • ‘QuickLaunch’ XLS2CSV Converter GUI with arguments.
  • Easy creation of XLS2CSV Converter QuickLaunch shortcuts.
  • Locations and profiles recent history.


  • Filter in source file selection dialog box now contains all supported filetypes that are enabled in the active profile.
  • Changed updatecheck to be more discrete.
  • Update now integrated in main window.
  • Application setup options now integrated in main window.
  • Ability to open location of source/destination/profile directly from XLS2CSV Converter.
  • Profile ‘save as’ function now available through profile window.
  • No longer working with ‘BETA notifications’.
  • Refactor GUI creation (more efficient processing).
  • New set of icons.
  • Application now remembers window positions and size of the most important windows (log, main window, profile window).


  • Fixed an issue where loading certain invalid profile settings would generate an AutoIt error.
  • Fixed a situation where the default profile would be overwritten if it already existed in the profile folder.