keyboard_return Version 1.3.0

New features

  • Added support for macro-enabled workbooks (*.xlsm).
  • Added support for binary workbooks (*.xlsb).
  • Added customizable RowStart and RowCount parameters.
  • Added customizable ColumnStart and ColumnCount parameters.
  • Added option to automatically create a log file after conversion.
  • Required components now included in installer (.NET Framework 4.0 and AccessDatabase Engine 2010).


  • Data connectivity components requirements updated (version 2010 instead of 2007 required).
  • Improved database engine options and engine support checks (XLS2CSV Converter used to throw the error that a file was invalid or could not be opened in certain situations).
  • In case the option ‘Cleanup’ in the profile is set to ‘Prompt’ the application will ask to clean the output folder ONLY in case it exists. It used to ALWAYS ask the question regardless whether or not the folder existed.
  • Consistency of items in the conversion log has been improved.


  • Fixed ‘export as text’ strategy to better support cells with more than 255 characters (values are no longer truncated).
  • Fixed an issue where starting the application would throw an error in case .NET framework 4 was not installed.
  • Fixed issue where command-prompt utility would not work in the native 64-bit version.

Important notes

The profile settings ‘xls’ and ‘xlsx’ in x2c profiles from previous versions are no longer supported with this version and will be ignored. These settings have been renamed to “Workbooksxls” and “Workbooksxlsx”.