keyboard_return Version 1.2.0

New features

  • CSV standard compliance options.
  • DSV standard compliance options.
  • Excel-only compliance options.
  • Added customizable quote character.
  • Added customizable newline character to better support different types of systems (MAC OS, Linux, Windows,…).
  • Added default/example conversion profiles (optionally installable).
  • New sheet selection options: Inclusion and exclusion filter supporting wildcards (? and *).


  • Prefix and suffix are no longer available, replaced by automated compliance checking + quote character.
  • Profile management - support for easily selecting and maintaining specific conversion profiles.
  • Updated profile (x2c file) sections so that settings are grouped under the relevant section as shown in the settings window.
  • Updated profile (x2c file) content so that it only contains relevant settings (e.g. in case of CSV ruleset, no DSV settings are present in the file).
  • Customizable profile folder path.
  • Customizable filename output supporting the use of filename variables.
  • Updated internet links (moved away from
  • User now gets feedback on input of invalid code page.
  • Overview of settings is now available for Export, Conversion and Output profile setting groups.
  • Splash screen is shown to show application startup tasks.
  • Automatically check for updates at application startup.
  • Separated command-line support entirely from GUI and replaced by fully native DOS application.
  • Improved error handler for COM exceptions that generate AutoIT errors with message : ‘operation with this object has failed’.
  • Text input in certain profile settings (e.g. delimiter) is replaced by a dropdown box with suggestions + free input.
  • Context sensitive help >> help file will now open on the correct page depending on where it is triggered.
  • DLL errors no longer show a dialog box that needs to be confirmed. Only an error is logged in the conversion log.
  • BETA confirmation in Command-Prompt utility no longer requires a confirmation from the user. A timer is used instead.
  • Sheet names inclusion and exclusion filters are no longer case-sensitive.


  • Fixed certain cases where the output file could not be created due to invalid filename characters.
  • Fixed a textual error in case a conversion profile was imported, dialog box showed ‘export’ instead of ‘import’.
  • Fixed a situation where an OLEDB exception is thrown in case a filter is active on a worksheet.
  • Fixed situations where OLEDB exceptions were thrown in case of sheet containing ‘special’ characters (we assume this fixes most of the OLEDB exceptions people were getting).
  • Fixed an issue where paths containing single quotes would cause AutoIt errors.
  • Fixed issue where special characters such as the ““ were no longer converted to the actual character to be used in the conversion output.
  • Checkbox value ‘false’ was incorrectly set in conversion profile.
  • Fixed an error that prevented the Command-Prompt to run from any location except the installation folder.
  • Fixed an issue where certain valid workbooks would trigger the error “Unsupported file extension”.

Important notes

x2c profiles from previous versions are no longer supported with this version!