keyboard_return Version 1.1.0

New features

  • Support for conversion of 1 file or 1 directory.
  • Additional output filename options.
  • Customizable output file extension.
  • Additional overwrite options.
  • Added option to convert all sheets from every workbook.
  • Prefix and Suffix are now separate options instead of one ‘Quote char’ option.
  • Customizable code-page setting for encoding the output.
  • Import/Export conversion settings to a profile (x2c profile also usable for command-line support).


  • Improved lay-out of main window and settings window.
  • Progress and results are now only shown when useful.
  • Improved conversion log viewer with filter options.
  • Better handling of directory and file selection and recognition of ‘invalid’ items such as libraries/invalid links.
  • Free source/destination folder input (Manual input no longer blocked).
  • Xlsx files are no longer converted when required component not found on system.
  • User now has the option to convert only xls, only xlsx or both file types.
  • Improved application startup checks.
  • Changed command-line tool to require 4 parameters: source, destination, profile, interactivity level.
  • Overwrite option ‘overwrite’ now no longer deletes the file but actually overwrites it keeping the file attributes and other properties unchanged.
  • Added additional filename option (workbook filename).


  • No longer creates empty files (in case of empty sheets).
  • Fixed case where the application would throw an AutoIt error.
  • Fixed an error where an invalid filename would result in an OLEDB error.
  • Fixed an error where insufficient rights would result in an OLEDB error.