keyboard_return Version 1.0.0

New features

  • Possibility to convert excel files with extension .xls to comma delimited files.
  • User friendly interface with easy to understand statistics.
  • Result log with export functionality.
  • Delimiter character(s) are now customizable by the user.
  • Settings screen added with preview feature.
  • Support for Microsoft® Excel® 2007,2010 documents (*.xlsx).
  • We have turned to ‘Inno Setup’ for our installer needs and developed a brand new install wizard.
  • To further improve the application, anonymous statistics will now be transmitted on application closure.
  • Optional command-line support.
  • Added possibility to enter a TAB character as delimiter.
  • Added online update checker.


  • Removed the option to export all sheets from every workbook (for future release).
  • Help now refers to online help, local CHM file was removed.
  • The setting ‘Export mode’ has been added that can improve output for certain types of *.xls(x) files (see help for more info).
  • Empty sheets no longer cause an OLEDB error during conversion but will be converted to empty *.csv files.
  • The application will now determine whether to show online or offline help (local help file included in the installer).
  • No more online help (local help will always be installed).
  • Included additional information about conversion in log.
  • Export first sheet of every workbook is always the first alphabetically. Clarified the text in the settings window.
  • Command-line now supports relative paths.
  • Code optimizations.


  • Main window disappears behind other windows after setting input/output dir.
  • XLS files in root directory were not processed, only the files from subfolders.
  • Encoding of the converted *.csv files has been changed to ANSI WINDOWS Codepage 1252 (West European Latin) so that it works identical to excel (save as *.csv feature).
  • Moved settings file to appdata folder of the user currently logged on eliminating UAC limitations.
  • Sheetnames containing single quote characters are now converted (this used to give an exception).
  • Fixed an issue where the log file could not be written to disk when the destination directory no longer existed (dialog box requesting to write log to system disk).
  • Typo “Threat all as text” should be “Treat all as text”.