The application settings window can be used to configure basic application settings such as the update checks, change default folders for profiles, clear histories, etc…

Application settings


The toolbar provides access to the most common functions related to the application setup.

Application settings - Toolbar

Listed in following order:

  • Clear all histories

Clear all histories

Press this button Clear to clear all histories that are saved in the application. This will clear the source history, destination history and profile history.

Application settings

Profile settings

These settings can be used to configure the default folders where profiles and profile backups are stored.

Profile folder

The default profile folder is used as part of the profile manager.

In case a profile is created or selected, the location used by default is the one configured here. The default profile location can be changed through the default profile menu button at the right.

Profile backup folder

The profile backup folder indicates where backups of profiles are stored.

A backup is created whenever the application opens loads a profile created with an older version of Excel Converter. First a copy of the current profile is created before ‘upgrading’ it to the latest version.

Update settings

The update check at startup cannot be disabled.

To be notified of new beta versions, it is possible to enable the option Also check for beta versions. If you only care for stable releases, disable this checkbox.

Update checks are not performed in the CLI.


Determines whether or not the application sends anonymous statistics to Google Analytics. This option cannot be disabled.