Conversion results

The conversion results page shows information about the conversion results.

Conversion results

Besides showing the number of converted workbooks and worksheets, it also lists:

  • Number of worksheets successfully converted
  • Number of worksheets that could not be converted due to a failure
  • Number of worksheets that were skipped due to a specific reason.


The toolbar provides access to the most common functions related to the conversion results.

Conversion results - Toolbar

Listed in following order:

  • Open log
  • Save log
  • Open destination
  • Return

Open log

Clicking on this option Open log opens the conversion log viewer that contains detailed information about the conversion.

Save log

The results can be saved to either an html (default) or text file. Clicking this button Save log will open a dialog window where the user can select a folder and filename.

To save the log as a text file, use the dropdown button next to the save icon and select the option Save as text.

Open destination

This option Open destination opens the folder where the output files are stored. This folder is the destination folder selected during the conversion setup.


Close the results and go back to the conversion setup page by clicking this option Return.

Returning to the conversion setup will dismiss the current results.
Do not forget to save the results if you need them later.

Conversion log viewer

Excel Converter includes a convenient log viewer that shows the details of a conversion. It provides the information on the conversion profile settings and includes a detailed list of conversion results.

Conversion log viewer

Through the filters it’s possible to (un)hide each type of log entry (info, warning, error, success).

It’s possible to save the log by clicking on the save icon Save log.
This will open a dialog window where the filename, filetype (html or text) and location for the log file is selected.