Command-line interface (CLI)

The Excel Converter Command-Line Interface (CLI) is a Command-Prompt utility able to convert spreadsheet files through the DOS Command-Prompt interface. Running the dedicated executable (xlsconv.exe) starts Excel Converter in an ‘isolated session’.


To get help about the CLI parameters, use /help or -help:
xlsconv /help
xlsconv -help

The command-line utility requires 2 to 4 parameters for conversion:

  • Source
  • Destination
  • Profile (*.xcp) optional
  • Include subfolders (switch) optional

Format: <Path to xlsconv.exe> /s <Source> /d <Destination> /p <Profile> (/i)

During installation, it is possible to select the option to add the Excel Converter installation directory to the PATH environment variables in Windows. Doing this will allow Windows to find xlsconv.exe without the need to enter the full path.


The path to the source file or source folder that contains the spreadsheets that need to be converted.
Argument: /s <path> or -s <path>

The source can either be an absolute path or a relative path.


The path to the destination folder that will contain all resulting output files (e.g. csv, …)
Argument: /d <path> or -d <path>

The destination MUST be a folder, not a file.

The destination can either be an absolute path or a relative path.


The path to the conversion profile (*.xcp) to be used for the conversion.
Argument: /p <path> or -p <path>

This argument is optional, if not provided, Excel Converter shall use a default CSV profile for the conversion.

Include subfolders

If present, this switch will cause any subfolders of the source to be processed as well.
Argument: /i or -i

If not present, only the files in the source folder shall be selected.

When the switch is used in combination with a source file and not a folder, it has no effect and will be ignored.


Simple example with only mandatory arguments:
xlsconv /s c:\source /d d:\destination

When spaces are present in the filepath, surround it with a double-quote!
xlsconv /s c:\source /d "d:\the destination"

Include subfolders in the conversion:
xlsconv /s c:\source /d destination /i

Convert a single file using a specific profile and relative path in destination:
xlsconv /s c:\source\file.xlsx /d "the destination" /p profile.xcp

Convert a single file using relative paths, the subfolder switch has no impact in this situation.
xlsconv -s "Excel file.xlsx" -d destination -p profile.xcp -i