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Excel converter is a free and highly customizable application capable of converting a batch of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to a raw format such as CSV, DSV or other text file, without the need for Microsoft Office. The focus of this application is to help set up and execute both simple and advanced conversion schemes. Check out all the features or better, go ahead and download the latest version.


  • Supports conversion of Excel spreadsheets: XLS, XLSX, XLSM and XLSB*
  • * using version 1.6
  • Include or exclude certain sheets based on the name including wildcard support
  • Define the range for the conversion through fixed or dynamic search on keyword
  • Customize delimiter, quote, newline characters and mode...
  • Built-in support for compliance with official CSV, DSV and Excel-import rules
  • Customize formatting of date, numeric, decimal, currency, accounting and boolean cells
  • Customize output file encoding
  • Normalize newline characters for compliance on different operating systems
  • Customize the directory structure of the output files
  • Create advanced directory structures based on the source folders as well as the workbook names
  • Integrate our powerful conversion engine in your own application through the command-line interface (CLI)

And more...

  • The profile manager guides the user to configure the appropriate profile for any conversion
  • Extensive, context-sensitive and up-to-date help online
  • Update checker ensures you are running the latest and most stable version at all times
  • Logging options are available to ensure no errors go hidden
  • It's fast and it's free, with no ads attached.